Cut paper painted with gouache inside a glass-topped aluminium box.

Diameter 7cm, depth 2,5cm

2020 has been a strange year, mostly due a global pandemic. I started this “All Confined Together” series in march 2020 while I was stuck at home quarantining. It was a moment of uncertainty and fears but the fact that this was a global issue made me feel very connected with all of you. I started to reflect on how our plans, dreams and hopes were abruptly changed and how our home, our interiors, switched so much. Suddenly a living room was our whole world, containing all our daily movements, our work space, our inner self and our dreams. We discover how our “interiors” are strong and resilient and can adapt to any circumstances.

This project was created with inspiration of lovely people from around the world that shared with me through instagram photos of their doors, windows and point of views of their lock down. I could not use all of the spaces they send me but I am profoundly grateful for their contribution to this project: they gave me inspiration, a momentanious wanderlust, joy and strength in a moment I needed it.